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25 Jan

Morocco: An ideal market to find suppliers

As a direct consequence of the pandemic, many European companies have shortened their supply chains and diversified their sourcing strategies in order to reduce dependence on a single country or manufacturer. Morocco, where we have our own network of partners, has more than seized this opportunity and has become an excellent alternative as a production and subcontracting platform for other markets.

Considered as the gateway to Africa, Morocco offers interesting business opportunities in several strategic sectors. Geographical proximity, competitive wage costs, free trade agreements and its excellent logistics network are some of the aspects that have made Spain one of Morocco's major trading partners. A country that has created an ideal industrial ecosystem to supply all kinds of products in record times. 

What are the reasons for seeking suppliers in Morocco?

1. Geographical proximity: Compared to the Asian market, the main supply partner for many European companies, Morocco has a production system with slightly higher costs. However, only 14 km of sea separate Spain from the North African country, so Morocco obviously offers the possibility of supplying products in less than 48 hours, thus reducing delivery times and optimising logistical processes.

2. Diversified supply: The Maghreb country offers interesting commercial advantages and opportunities to build an excellent network of suppliers in various industries, such as metallurgy, electronic products, wiring, automotive parts and aeronautical components. Morocco is also a major exporter of phosphates, inorganic chemicals, textiles and leather, fruits, vegetables and fish. 

3. Efficient industrial structures: Morocco is considered an industrial hub at the gateway to Europe thanks to its economic and industrial engines, Tangier and Casablanca. These two cities are home to the largest number of national companies and subsidiaries of international groups specialising in various industrial sectors. All of them have the capacity to offer products with the highest quality standards, especially those companies dedicated to exports.

4. Qualified workforce: The Moroccan workforce, qualified and with a high learning capacity, is another aspect to consider. And if we talk about the economic aspect, the truth is that it is notably more accessible than the Spanish workforce, a fact that gives it an advantage over other countries located in Central and Eastern Europe. 

As specialists in accompanying Basque companies in international markets, at ieTeam Consultants we are convinced that Morocco is full of opportunities, as well as being a real alternative for companies wishing to shorten supply chains. If you are looking for a new supplier in Morocco, our team in Casablanca will help you to find and select qualified and reliable Moroccan companies with sufficient resources and experience to start a possible collaboration, and we will guide you to the best solutions and supply alternatives! 

Sara Mouak & Oscar Dorado | Internationalisation Consultants Morocco




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